We're a non-profit coöperative that builds open-source software, creates work opportunities for freelancers and supports online communities.
Our Objectives
We're registered as a corporation in the United Kingdom. Our articles of association require us to
  • Provide work, education and support to freelancers.
  • Provide services and products to online communities.
  • Ensure socioeconomic diversity amongst our stakeholders.
These are the standards the health of our organisation is judged by.
Our Business Model
Our members get 100% of the proceeds from services we provide. Pavilion takes no commission and charges no membership fee. Instead, our members help to build and support our open source software in exchange for work opportunities. That way our members are never out of pocket, and we can support communities of all sizes.
We Serve Everyone
We work hard to serve communities of all sizes through our software and services. We try to give discounts to smaller communities, and invest in maintaining our software for the benefit of communities who will never be able to pay us.
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