Wizard pre-populates old data


Discourse Version: 2.8.0.beta2 ( 5bff65aa69 )

Plugin Commit: 7375c63?

Steps to Reproduce

I have reports from many users that using the wizard pre-populates it with a previous submission, and even if they replace all the info in the wizard it still replaces it with the old information in the open composer step.

A log from one of the problem submissions:

wizard: image_critique; action: open_composer; user: Mark_Muller; success: route: /new-topic?title=Breakfast%20in%20Bed%2C%20Elegant%20Tern%20style&body=%21%5BBreakfast%20in%20Bed%2C%20Elegant%20Tern%20style%5D%28https%3A%2F%2Fimages.naturephotographers.network%2Foriginal%2F3X%2Ff%2F1%2Ff17592df2aeeace3682b955e1b8c54a813c529f3.jpeg%29%0A%0AI%20was%20following%20this%20Elegant%20Tern%20after%20it%20picked%20up%20a%20fish%20in%20a%20harbor%20and%20followed%20it%20to%20here.%20%20Timing%20is%20everything%2C%20and%20I%20sure%20do%20appreciate%20Continuous%20Shutter%20Speed%20to%20capture%20this%20exact%20moment.%20%20%3A%29%20%20%20And%20the%20fluttering%20wings%20are%20what%20make%20birds%20in%20flight%20special%20for%20me.%0A%0AI%27m%20anthropormorph-ing%20here%20%28is%20there%20even%20a%20verb%20for%20this%20word%3F%29%2C%20but%20this%20seems%20like%20a%20tender%20moment%20and%20gesture%20between%20mates.%20%20%0A%0A%0A%23%23%23%20Specific%20Feedback%20Requested%0ANot%20a%20lot%20of%20color…it%20was%20an%20overcast%20day.%20%20I%20debated%20converting%20to%20B%26W%20but%20decided%20to%20keep%20the%20orange%20bills%20and%20water%27s%20soft%20aquamarine%20color.%20%20%0A%0AI%20debated%20posting%20this%2C%20because%20not%20all%20the%20details%20are%20tack%20sharp%2C%20particularly%20the%20head%20of%20the%20sitting%20Tern%2C%20and%20the%20little%20fish%20about%20to%20be%20eaten.%20%20Yet%20I%20think%20the%20head%20of%20the%20bird%20flying%20down%20and%20making%20the%20handoff%20is%20sufficiently%20sharp%20to%20make%20this%20an%20appealing%20image%20overall.%20%0A%0AThoughts%3F%0A%0A%23%23%23%20Technical%20Details%0AIs%20this%20a%20composite%3A%20No%0AD500%20w%2F%20200-500%20f%2F5.6%20lens.%0A1%2F200%20second%2C%20f%2F14%2C%20500mm%2C%20ISO%20100%0A%0A%23%23%23%23%23%23%20%0A&category_id=43 -


I was forced to do a rebuild today and the latest build broke the wizard. I know we’re so far out of the support period but I’m hoping you all can help!


I’m having trouble reproducing this myself so I’m going to try to find a savvy user to help me get something, but I’ve now had 5 users report the same problem.

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Here’s a console error from one of my users

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I’m taking a look at this now.

I couldn’t repro this either. Do request the users to do a hard reload on the wizard and discourse pages.

I had them do a hard refresh and clear their cache, still the same problem. He got another error:

He has offered for me to remote into his computer later today, if there is anything other info I can get you please let me know.

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Can you confirm whether his latest submission was recorded via the Submissions tab.

I don’t think he submitted it, just tried the hard refresh and recorded the error. I can try this later when I can get on his machine.

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Okay I was able to get on his computer and got a little more info. When I submitted the wizard it is showing up in logs, but not under submissions. We tried different browsers and clearing the cache with the same results. I also tried a different wizard and it did not have this problem. The problem one also pulls data from a different past submission each time you do it. Here are some logs from the console

I tried re-creating the wizard by exporting, changing the id and name and then importing it, when I select the new wizard I also get an error

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@davidkingham Just so you know, @fzngagan is currently working on this. We had a call about it yesterday and we believe we know the cause. He’ll update you here soon.


We suspect that this is caused due to multiple incomplete submissions existing for a single user.

I’ve finished writing the logic for that. I’m testing it currently to ensure it works correctly. I’ll request a review from @angus soon .

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We’ve pushed a fix for this issue. Please update the plugin and let us know how it goes.

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Thanks Faizaan, I had a user test it and he said the fields were still pre-populated with old data, but when he filled everything out and submitted it keep the new data and when he used it a second time the forms were clear as expected. So it may be a bit messy until everyone has submitted once, but it will work.

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Yes, I would expect that to happen. Happy to know its working for you.

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