Wizard Examples and Templates

To give you a sense of how the plugin works, you can import the four wizards we currently use here on thepavilion.io: pavilion-wizards.json (14.6 KB)

Welcome A simple wizard that all users see when the create an account on thepavilion.io. It introduces people to our site and directs them to the right place.

Bug Report This collects the information about a bug with one of our Discourse customisations. That information is then posted to our bug report category, and tagged to get the attention of the maintainer.

Feature Request The same as the bug report wizard, but for feature requests.

Create Client This simple wizard is used in our client onboarding process. It has two inputs: a client name and a list of users. It uses the client name to create a client group, adds any inputted users to the group and creates a category to which the client group has access.

These wizards won’t all work entirely out of the box as some specify categories which won’t be present on your instance of Discourse. You can change the categories once you import the them.

If you’re using a wizard in production, consider sharing it here for others to learn from your use case.

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An example of using the Date and Time inputs along with the Create Topic action in a “Create Event” wizard.

create-event-wizard.json (1.3 KB)

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