Wizard doesn't respect dark mode / theme variables

Here are the CSS variables on the homepage of my test instance, when ‘dark’ mode has been enabled under user preferences.


Here are the CSS variables on the homepage of my instance, when a ‘dark’ theme has been specified for the forum.


Here are the CSS variables on a new wizard I have created with no theme set (this is the same regardless of the theme selected for the whole forum, or the user’s dark mode preference):


Reproduction Steps:

  1. Enable ‘dark’ mode under user preferences or pick a dark color scheme for the discourse instance
  2. Create a new wizard
  3. Go to that wizard, observe the CSS variables
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Thanks for this report. Discourse dark mode has changed considerably recently.

How critical is this to your use? If it’s a blocker, I’ll prioritise it.

Thanks Angus,

This is not a blocker for a first iteration, but is something our users, who often use dark mode, would value.

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Ok, I’ll follow up about this one next week.

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Hi @angus - have you had an opportunity to look into this yet?

Hi @angus - happy new year! Just checking in on this one to see if it is on your radar.


This one too :wink:

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