Wizard Administration

Administration Panel

Custom wizards are administered in the “Wizards” admin panel.

  • Wizards: The main administration panel, where you can create, edit and remove wizards. Read more on the settings in the panel here:

  • Submissions: Where you can view all user submissions to your wizards, and download them as JSON file(s).

  • Logs: Where you can view logs generated by your wizards, mainly concerning the result of actions.

  • Transfer: Where you can export and import wizards

Site Settings

  • custom_wizard_enabled: Disable this to prevent custom wizards from being used.

  • wizard_redirect_exclude_paths: Paths that cannot be redirected to from a wizard.

  • wizard_recognised_image_upload_formats: Upload types that will treated as images.

  • wizard_apis_enabled: Enable wizard API features. This is experimental and has not been thoroughly tested. Use with caution.