Want a thumbnails when search in desktop & mobile in Topic list previews

Hi Rob,

I want the thumbnails when searching and show the results should be the thumbnails like the home page in desktop & mobile.

Can you do this? Let me know how long and how much it costs?

See my search: https://amzdis.com


We want the results like below:


We want the results like below:

I looking forward to hearing from you soon.

thanks for considering us for this work. Have moved our discussion of terms to a PM.

Thank you, Rober.

I looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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Hey there, this is all but done.

Please try this additional plugin out (you have to have Topic Previews installed too) and let me know if it needs tweaking:

There are no settings you need to change.

Current example:


Let me know if you have any feedback.

The main thing to note is I could not easily use ‘tiles’ format exactly here, so instead it is ‘gallery’ format where Topics are lined up exactly side by side in lines. That’s because there is a sidebar on the search page. The masonry tiles renderer would struggle.

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Thank you very much. Good job.

I have paid you via paypal.

Thanks a lot.

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Thanks very much for prompt payment. I’ll document the changes you may need to make going forward. Let me know if you need an invoice.

Just a reminder: upgrading from now on may occasionally introduce problems with the search page because of the significant level of overriding I’ve performed. I can help you the first couple of times, but you may need to manage this yourself in the long run. I will document what you need to look at.

I’m also going to discuss the potential for a PR with the Discourse Team to make this much more reliable.

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How to maintain this plugin:

Fork on GitHub:


Get latest of this file from Core: discourse/full-page-search.hbs at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub

Remove this section:

Lines 75-142 (the ‘each’) - bear in mind it might move line number

and replace all those lines with just:

          {{search-result-entries posts=model.posts}}

Take that result and replace the contents of this file with the text you ended up with: x-discourse-topic-previews-search-page/full-page-search.hbs at main · merefield/x-discourse-topic-previews-search-page · GitHub

Only do this if you discover a problem with the search page.

Then consider a PR to my master.

I’m in conversation with Discourse Team. If negotiations are successful, I will be able to PR some changes to Core so none of this will be necessary.

Now I don’t need to change anything, right?

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No, not unless you upgrade and discover an issue with the search page

I’m working on a PR to core to improve this.


@Amzdis PR has been approved and incorporated into core Discourse.

The plugin is still required for your changes, but this will allow me to make it slightly simpler and more robust.

This is great news, but please hold off from upgrading now until I confirm I’ve updated the plugin :slight_smile: to work with the updated version of Discourse (it may still work but will need to confirm).

I will get to that over the next few days. I will update here.

OK @Amzdis the plugin has been updated to take account of my PR.

This plugin should be much more reliable going forward :+1:

You are safe to upgrade.

Watch this TLP setting, though, it needs to be around 200:

I found 230 to work for me.

Too high and the images overlap in search.

I think the work is done here, but please let me know if you have any issues after the next upgrade.

Note, to make the plugin have more generic appeal, I’ve added Title to the output.

You can hide it with:

.fps-topic-header {
  display: none

In your theme.

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Just pushed a bug fix for mobile search: