v2.4.4 stable woes

Hey, sorry to use this category, but I noticed that discourse-locations and discourse-events give a blank page on latest stable upgrade. I saw some mentions of missing i18n module in the logs for Events. Not sure how this plays out. As I’m time-strapped I just disabled the plugins for now. Next week I should have more time to help you debug if still needed.


We pushed a few commits in a few hours ago to rectify that. When did you rebuild last?

Less than two days ago. I get a white page.

Error: Could not find module I18n imported from discourse/plugins/discourse-events/discourse/lib/date-utilities

BTW, that’s v2.4.5 now.

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Thanks for reporting back the issue. We support the tests-passed branch of discourse and do audits on the first 5 days of every month.