Unable to review (validate) a new topic in reports with multilingual enable.


Discourse Version: 2.7.7

Plugin Commit: b2a2cb725b75ccd03147f6bbbff0831dac4ebb42

Steps to Reproduce

  • Set up a new Discourse
  • Install plugin Multilingual
  • Configure it :
    • multilingual content languages enabled : checked
    • multilingual guest language switcher : “header”
    • multilingual guest language switcher footer visible : [‘fr’, ‘en’]
    • allow user locale : checked
    • default trust level: 0
    • min first post typing time : 2000000000 (just for the test)
  • Create a new user and create a new post faster as you can to be flaged as spam and need a validation for your topic. Don’t forget to add language. If you don’t, you normally have a message.
  • Change user to admin again.
  • Try to validate the topic.

… Normally you have an error.



Register if you want to test and give me a reply to become an admin, I will make you admin to test.


No logs apparently. Just the message : translation missing: fr.tags.required_tags_from_group when I try to approve the flagged topic

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I too have this issue

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