Trouble updating groups and UCF


Discourse Version: latest-release +528

Plugin Commit: 4576aff

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Steps to Reproduce

When I try and assign a group using a wizard field, it doesn’t assign the group.

Also when I try and put data from that wizard field into a UCF, it doesn’t go in there.

You may have fixed this already, and it isn’t mission critical. Or it might be I haven’t worked out how to drive it yet!



Is this just functionality that doesn’t yet work? I can’t get it to work in either.

I can survive with a the relatively lean combo of sign-up UCFs and group allocation via group field or UCF in the Wizard for now, but I look forward to

  1. being able to update UCFs from the Wizard
  2. using Wizard text fields to direct group allocation

These have all been fixed - this can be closed!