Translation not showing and green box not showing for necessary field


Discourse Version: 2.7.0.beta5 ( d7bd62d9cf )

Plugin Commit: discourse-custom-wizard 0.7.0

Other Plugins


Steps to Reproduce

  1. It seem that Wizard doesn’t show translation on some text.


I think I have edit all the translation in Admin → Customize → Text
But the Text in wizard still remain in English.

  1. When a users didn’t fill all the necessary field, a green box should show up to warn the user. However, I found that when there is a “Upload” button on the page, green box won’t show up.

Users may tried to press the next button, but it won’t able to because necessary field have not been filled yet. However, there are no green box showing up and no warning as well, make user feel like the web page is not responding .



Guys, I have same issue for German translations. Where are the translations pulled from?