Topic-list-previews: User Activity Tiles


User Activity Tiles


Add capability to show TLP for Topics list in User Activity page. Add additional option to show list of all Topics from within a specific Category

Use Case

Add capability to show TLP for Topics list in User Activity page. Add additional option to show list of all Topics from within a specific Category



This is going ahead with @p16 & @bartv co-sponsoring ($400 each), with a potential third sponsor TBD

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I’ve deployed a test branch of Topic List Previews with Desktop support for TLP enhancements for the User Activity route, including Tiles.

The branch is called “activity_favourites”

I’m just sharing it with you for now because the third potential sponsor hasn’t responded yet.

Do you have a staging site where you can test this branch?

To try it out you will need to change your app.yml to reference this branch/repo instead: -b "activity_favourites"

How to use

There are now additional views on the TLP settings. They now include ‘activity-topics’ and ‘activity-favourites’. If you add these to a setting, that feature will appear on these routes, as with any TLP setting, the behaviour is the same.

In addition, to support @bartv’s request, the ‘Favourites’ activity route (it’s a new route), can be filtered for a specific Category slug. The topic_list_activity_favourites_category site setting, initially empty, can be filled with your preferred category slug and the Favourites route will be filtered by this category for everyone, no matter whether you decide to use Tiles feature or not.

This is likely to have bugs, but thought I’d give you a chance to review and give feedback and any questions.

It’s still awesome though :wink: :smoking:


I’ll chase the other sponsor soon, as the other feature he needs is tag support.

What you are seeing is the code that will go to Open Source ultimately

@P16 I’ll provide you a way to default to activity-topics later once we’ve confirmed everyone is happy with the functionality of this update.


Hey, I have an instance which I’ve made for fun and am trying to get people there. I can for sure, install your plugin there if that’s of any help.

Thanks @fzngagan. Feel free to use this branch and let me know if you have any issues. Be aware of existing bugs/issues that are not in scope of this enhancement. They are now listed here. The goal is mainly to test the User Activity page, both the Topics and Favourites sections, but also to ensure things haven’t broken elsewhere.

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Does changing the branch of a plugin in the container require a rebuild?

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Yes, unfortunately, because it’s doing a git clone only on a rebuild.

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A little suggestion.
Can we show a dropdown for topic list activity favourites category and similar settings. What do you think?

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Yes, this was a quick solution for that feature, however there is method in my madness as I was going to re-use the setting for the alternative of filtering by tag, hence the string field. TLP has sooo many settings its good to leverage where you can.

(basically another sponsor wants a different way of filtering).

So will change that to a Category selector at some point if that work doesn’t materialise.

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@bartv are you able to sign this off? Don’t want this one to drag on.

Looks like P16 is happy and has signed off (this part)

@bartv are you comfortable to go with that sign off or still prefer to test yourself?

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Can I test it somewhere, or at least check some screenshots? I can’t deploy a test myself now, and I’m reluctant to sign off on something I haven’t seen :wink:

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@merefield any news about this?

Bart apologies I’m in a crunch on another project. Will revert when I have a moment (probably Tuesday)

Sorry Bart I’ll try and add this to one of my sites today so you can test. Let’s try and close this out by the weekend.

@bartv, I’ve added the new functionality to:

I’ve selected the Category “reviews” to settings for favourites view.

I’ve also added the tiles to activity topics, e.g., here:

Let me know if you have any issues.

You will probably need to set up an account (that’s good, I need users! :wink: ). If you want me to make you admin, I can do that.

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Just released a fix to this functionality that resolves its inability to infinite scroll!

The fix is a little draconian in that it overrides a template, but a low risk one. There may be a better way of overriding the selector used to determine the scroll point, all suggestions on a post card please!

(with more time I may investigate if I can get the same effect by overriding discourse/load-more.js.es6 at bfea922167ab36875d03ceca3d431473ceadb96d · discourse/discourse · GitHub)

@bartv this is released to

This may break scroll on another view, but I’m yet to find an example of that yet!

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OK, stuff it, I’ve done it:

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@bartv great meeting on Friday, and lovely chat.

Here’s are the changes. They are available in for you to test.

  • changed name for activity favourites to ‘portfolio’
  • added ‘portfolio’ button to user card
  • this text is in the localisation config if you wish to provide a Dutch translation at some stage.

Out of scope but can be done at some stage for additional funding:

  • allowing you to filter the portfolio with a tag instead of just a category name

Please confirm you are happy and then we can close this out with payments and merge to the main open source component.

OK, my final addition for this project (@p16 i’ll deal with your default to Topics separately), which was not part of scope but I couldn’t help myself, I’ve added the ability to set the portfolio filter to a tag instead of a category (you can still choose to filter by category if you so wish).

Demo here:

The filter is set to ‘tag:scooter’

I will now raise invoices.


Thanks @merefield! I think the tag addition is really welcome! I’ll definitely be using that :slight_smile:

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