topic-list-previews: Sidebar for use in Custom Layouts Plugin


Sidebar for use in Custom Layouts Plugin


We would like the Topic List Previews and Custom Layouts Plugins to work together so that we could add a sidebar to specific routes which includes the latest topics in a specific category or set of categories.

If this already is possible, can you please point me in the right direction? I wasn’t able to find anything searching and meta.discourse.

Use Case

We used to host our forum on vBulletin, and had a custom portal which included 3 columns – announcements in the center, with a column of new photos on the left, and latest columns on the right.

99% of the time the announcements column was empty, so we’d like to recreate this using Discourse and the Topic List Previews. We are already using TLP to recreate the photo gallery we had in vBulletin ( CD-Media: Photos - Chief Delphi ) but haven’t recreated the portal listing of the latest images.

In addition to photos we also have a White Papers section, which is why I specified potentially adding multiple categories into the sidebar.

Here is a wayback machine screenshot of what it looked like on vBulletin:



Thanks for your interest. This was already raised by me here topic-list-previews: tiles: make it responsive to sidebars

Please take a look at that Topic. Unfortunately the solution is unreliable as there’s a limitation in Chrome: if you scroll too far, that browser runs out of CSS Grid rows and the view gets corrupted.

The issue with Chrome is old and I suspect it may only be addressed once we get CSS Grid 2.0. I don’t know the ETA for that.

Please watch that Topic and I’ll update it if there is a change.

In the meantime, if you are brave, you can try the working code branch here which I’ve recently updated to reflect the full functionality of the master branch (but uses a more responsive renderer)


Great, I’ll give it a try sometime in the next week or two.


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FYI I’ve just updated that branch with latest from master. We are getting closer to a fix from Google Chrome team so …

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