topic-list-previews: Custom topic excerpt settings


Custom topic excerpt settings


A super useful feature would be showing the first or most liked or solved reply as the topic excerpt.
If the admin chooses to display the solved answer of a topic as the topic excerpt but there isn’t a solved reply in the topic, it can be set to display the reply with the most likes to be the excerpt. And if none of the criteria is met, such as a topic with replies that have equal or no likes, it can display the first or latest reply to the topic as the excerpt. I am a massive advocate for this feature and I’m hoping this is added (coming from Quemuse, a purely Q&A social platform). Thank you so much!

Use Case

On a purely Q&A website, the user can ask a straight-forward question in the title but in the body of the topic have lackluster info or in general, the readers would prefer to quickly glance over the best response to the question as the excerpt. Would you rather see:

Title: “What is the meaning of life?” Excerpt: “I’m wondering because there can be so many answers based on one’s own experiences and…”


Title: “What is the meaning of life?” Excerpt (of the most liked answer): “A wise man once told me, life has no meaning - we have meaning and our goal in life is to bring it to life.”