topic-list-previews: Add Slovenian translation


Add Slovenian translation


I have seen translations for TLP here:

I have requested to add Slovenian language, so that I could translate it to Slovenian.

BTW, I have also noticed that “Select Thumbnail” string is not localization table…

Use Case

Use Topic List Previews plugin on Slovenian forum like


that’s odd, it’s in the localisation config files. Here’s the button code

{{d-button id="select-thumbnail-button" class="btn-default" action=(action "showThumbnailSelector") icon="id-card" label="thumbnail_selector.select_preview_button"}}

So the key you are looking for is: thumbnail_selector.select_preview_button

You can edit this at admin -> customize -> text

@merefield I’ve invited you to become project maintainer of the TLP project on transifex. Once you accept that you’ll see @Lure’s request to add Slovenian

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