Timezone Visualisation

Timezone Visualisation

Weird, that’s the opposite of what I see on my screen … have you updated to latest?

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Yes - I am on latest, and still looks the same to me. Just checked and no update is available.

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Try the new sort algo:


not sure why but even after the upgrade, I am getting the same reverse sort order.

So weird. A browser localisation thing?

btw I fixed the red highlight dropping out with a new fix.

OK, I think i’ve found another way to improve this: make sure current time is always in the centre.

I’ve also made the highlighting more elegant.

and exclude mobile:

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and update box shading accordingly

@members, the New Timezone visualisation is live here.

At the top of Category ‘Members’: Members - Pavilion for desktop users

I was able to update everyone’s Timezone except for @fzngagan … if you could look at your Preferences, Profile and update I’d be most grateful. I hope you don’t find your timezone as difficult to find as I did!

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Woohoo! I love it :slight_smile: nice work :+1:

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Maybe, down the track, you can add little fun things like :crescent_moon: and :sun_with_face: to represent night and day.


I’ve altered the hour labels to show your local time :clock: This is more intuitive I think :slight_smile:

This site has been upgraded to pick this up.


Yeah, I might consider changing the Sin/Power function to three fixed phases - Daytime, Evening and Night.

But this was intended to be artistic as well as useful, so the simplistic aesthetic was important.

The trail-off is also meant to reflect the fuzziness of what is considered ‘the working day’ (especially for us international freelancers!). That is why I avoided fixed blocks.


Just released a new version with a new feature: zones:

This shows daytime as darkest, light for someone’s evening and very light for nighttime.

You can still revert to the old system with the new mode setting.

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Wow great work!

Sometimes I wonder if showing days/nights or having someone indicate their usual pavilion working hours (or both!?!?) makes more sense. :stuck_out_tongue:


We can look at extending it to do that at some stage. It was built for simplicity though and to leverage the standard out of the box timezone preference selection.

Also, I expect lack of nighttime availability to be pretty universal?

It’s really never ending what you might do with it, eg:

  • handle weekends and holidays
  • handle a full calendar



This is fixed and re-activated.

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