Tiles overlaps each other when scroll down


Discourse Version: 2.7.0.beta1 ( 9da9b2e1cc )

Plugin Commit: discourse-topic-list-previews

Other Plugins

Steps to Reproduce

1, Set the topic list to tiles.
2, Browse the website with Chrome / Edge / Opera in PC.
3, At first discourse will load 30 tiles (topics) without problem.
4, Scroll down to the bottom, discourse will load another 30 tiles (topics).
5, When it start loading the third time (after 90 tiles), all the remaining tiles overlap each others.

Testing I have done,

1, Disable all other Theme Components, but result the same.
2, Rebuild the APP, but result the same.
3, Comment out all the plugins I added in app.yml & rebuild the app.
4, The problem occur when browsing with PC Chrome, MS Edge and Opera, however no problem when browsing with Firefox, so it seem something related to Chromium-based browser.


It happen when topic list are set to tiles.
And post start overlapping after showing 90 tiles.
It happen when using Chromium-based browsers but no problem with Firefox.

I have tried browsing the Examples web site (https://rideabl.es/) you listed in (Topic List Previews - plugin - Discourse Meta), it have the same problem as my website. So the problems are not limited to my website.
To be safe, I also tested with another two computers at my home, they all show the same problems.


Screenshot of my website (whatever.hk):

Screenshot of the example website (rideabl.es):

Does this only occur when you’ve scrolled down several pages?

This is not a bug with TLP so much as a known issue with Chrome. They are working on it but resolution might be some time. You could switch to the plugin but that has less features.

See topic-list-previews: tiles: make it responsive to sidebars

Funnily enough I updated that topic yesterday.

This will remain an issue until Chrome update their Grid engine.

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Thank you for your quick reply.

Yes, it only happen when scroll down serval pages.

Discourse load 30 tiles at a time, the first two times loading new topics have no problems. It happen only when it start loading the third times. Therefore, the max. number of tiles it can show is around 90 tiles.

May be I will switch to the plugin version at the moment, until Chrome fix the problems.

Thank you much for your help.

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Please bear in mind you will lose Featured Images, mobile User Portfolio styling and responsiveness on sidebars by moving to the plugin.

But if that’s not an issue, go ahead :slight_smile:

I really look forward to them resolving that limitation so I can get rid of the plugin! :slight_smile:

btw, your site looks great!

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