There are no latest topics. That's sad.

There are no latest topics. That's sad.


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I see no topics when I go to or - see screenshot. I think I messed up earlier this week when I was visiting the site and noticed a weird button at the top right, which I selected and was prompted to choose a content language. I chose a language, returned to latest and there was no content. I then fiddled for a bit and then went away for a while and now that button is gone but I still see no content. Maybe there is some hidden setting in my account that can be reset?



I’ve have a problem a Topic disappearing from Latest. @angus, related?


Go to and remove any content languages, this is part of the multilingual plugin, there are no language tags for the posts on the forum so it’s filtering out posts for the language you selected, but no posts have a language set.

This is the problem I’m having on my site as well Angus, and why I’m asking to apply the en tag to all existing posts, I could see it being a headache for others who install this on an existing site. Could you set it up so if the default locale matches one of the content languages then display posts that do not have a language tag?

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@angus fixed this for me a few days ago. As he told me elsewhere:

Hey, sorry about that. It looks like you’ve uncovered the first issue with “content languages”. They don’t get disabled properly on a user-level when the feature is disabled. I’ve removed the content language filters from your account.

A reminder, methinks, to avoid testing on production instances. :innocent: Would be a helpful next step if we could get a instance up for testing the bleeding edge stuff. I think resets nightly with demo content - maybe they could provide us with their recipe so we can do the same.

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