Team up to work on features for the QA Plugin

Team up to work on features for the QA Plugin

Hi guys!
I’m a programmer and I have recently started working on new features of the QA plugin.
I have already invested three commits and would like to add more.
I feel like that the QA plugin lacks some basic features. Without those features, the plugin does not worth much and it is hard to call it a “QA Plugin”.
This plugin has alot of potential, so I decided to invest some time and effort in this awesome plugin.
The list of basic features I think the plugin should contain:

  1. Ability to downvote the answer. Due to all the requests I saw in the Discourse community, this is the most wanted feature.
  2. Public field that contains the amount of upvotes for each user. I have already seen a few places that have asked for this feature. I think that this feature is very important because that way, other plugins/wrappers can the services of this plugin.
  3. Set an amount limitation of characters in the comments of each answer. Also, not allowing images and files to be uploaded in the comments. For now, I can write a long post in the comments, that includes bunch of images and files. I feel like comments should contain 300-500 characters.

The main reason why I open this topic is because I’m looking for people to teamup and work on those features with me. Those three features require some thinking so I’m looking for some experienced programmers who are willing to work with me on those features. Other reasons for the existens of this topic:

  1. An amazing opportunity to meet with interesting people around the world.
  2. Get to learn from more experienced Discourse programmers.
  3. Do some good for non-programmers by providing basic features.
  4. Promoting Pavilion - more communities will use the QA plugin so it will give more hype to Pavilion.

So if you want to teamup and work with me on those features, please write here or PM me.
Also, if you think there more basic featuers I/We should implement, please suggest them.
BTW, you don’t have to be a Pavilion freelance to teamup with me.


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