Subscribing to Events iCal and RSS feeds

The events plugin allows the user to subscribe to the iCal feed of a category or the whole site(i.e. all the events across the site).

To subscribe to an iCal feed of the site, go to
Alternatively, to subscribe to an iCal feed of a category, go to


  1. Look for the subscribe button on the top right. You’ll see a dropdown with a URL.

Screenshot 2020-04-23 at 7.05.01 PM

  1. You can use the URL in any iCal client.

For members only sites

If your site is members only, you need an API key which you can use to subscribe to your forum’s ical feed.

  1. To generate the key move to my/preferences/webcal-keys.

  2. Click on Generate. You’ll get a client id and an api key. Store them somewhere safe so you can refer back to them.

  3. Use the url generated in step 2 and add the following to the end of that url.

You can now use the url to subscribe to ical/rss feeds of your private site.


Could you give an example of the full URL after Step 5?

Thanks in advance.

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Hey @members,

do you have an example for us how the url has to like like in the end?
Can be a fake id and api Key of Course, Or you Use Letters like k for every char in the k ey and d for every char in i d - We just want to see how the final URL looks like because with that description I can´t figure it out.

Thanks in advance and thanks for that great plugin. Helps us a lot to have things clean in our forum.

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Hi, sorry for the wait. I kept forgetting to respond. here’s an example


If you want to generate your own url and can share your key, I’ll share the exact URL you need.

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It Works.
Thanks a lot

If you add time zone it is:


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