Staging Site Use

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We have a staging site at


  1. Showcasing/testing new features to clients before implementing on their live site
  2. Testing ground for our managed updates service.
  3. The above but for our own site!

We should probably figure out how to make sure we don’t unintentionally conflict on staging site use. For example if we finish a piece of work for a client and put it on the staging site and tell them to take a look the staging site may be in use for a 24 hour + period.



So the rough plan here is to have two stating servers, each with a calendar. To use the server, you need to reserve time in the calendar. Perhaps we’ll have a sub-category somewhere for each server, each with events enabled.

The two servers will be:

  1. Feature showcase and testing. Used to display and test new features for clients.

  2. Managed updates. A private instance used exclusively for managed updates. It needs to be private to protect client data.