Some styling issues with featured member user cards on home page


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you know this better than me :slight_smile:

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On the landing page, see featured members. There are some minor styling issues I think you should address - a bit of polish on the front page will go a long way.

Example - see screenshot below. Issues:

  • MESSAGE button is too wide and tall, should be same size as portfolio. Not sure if buttons can be stacked vertically to look better since there are three?
  • bug? FOLLOW button does not work on the left card. It only seems to work on the right side. Also, when I return to the page if I had indicated following previously it does not seem to have been saved.
  • full name is truncated
  • @fzngagan location looks weird, text below icon instead of next to it
  • @fzngagan card is a bit taller than @angus card, probably because of location issue

edit - just realized that the MESSAGE and FOLLOW buttons do not appear to guests. That’s good. But then I also noticed the PORTFOLIO button takes you to an activity list, which also does not look very polished. I am curious… how does the PORTFOLIO select the topics to display? If it’s manually selected, then maybe the topic titles and intro could be improved so it’s less cluttered and confusing to newcomers.

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@tobiaseigen Some great points! I would actually break these down into:

  1. Follow button display issues (could affect use of follow plugin more broadly):
    • Name truncation
    • Button styling
  2. Landing plugin mutliple follow button issue (i.e. one doesn’t work)
  3. Location user card display issue
  4. Use of Portfolio

I’ll create seperate topics for these and close this one.

Briefly, the “portfolio” is a TLP feature @merefield pushed. I believe it selects your posts with previews (@merefield?). We should use it (or not) more thoughtfully though.

** edit, I’ve disabled the Portfolio feature on for now.

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These issues have now been (mostly) addressed.

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Looks so much better. Nice job! :rocket:

Small niggles tending towards the bike shedding level of feedback:

  • your avatar shows on the “Learn more” cards, maybe intentional but to me a bit jarring/random
  • FOLLOW/FOLLOWING button changes width depending on if you’re following the person or not. Seems the buttons should always be the same width, with icons aligned.

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Thanks :+1: Both of those are intentional, but I see where you’re coming from. I’m going to close this for now.

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