Show only user's own rating on posts

A site setting which toggles displaying only average and user’s own rating on the topic.

When enabled, the user will be able to see only his own rating entry and the topic average.

Although, this restriction won’t be applied on staff.

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The feature is complete. In testing right now.

I’ll be testing this. Thanks!

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I can confirm that it is working without any errors or bugs.

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I spoke too soon. I asked one of my friends to post a rating and I can see it.

Also, it should say “hide rating except own entry”. It sounds better.

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Are you staff? Yes you are. I think you wouldn’t appreciate not knowing what’s going on as staff I think?

rating is a prefix here before all the ratings plugin’s settings.

Yes, I suppose you are right. Since I am admin, I can see everything. Then seems good.

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I’ve just completed working on this one. You can share any ideas you have on this too :slight_smile:

It’s in the master branch now?

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I’ve completed the functionality. Under final review currently.

Yes, Its merged to master.

Closing this after 48 hours :slight_smile:

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