Should we have a support category here?

Should we have a support category here?

Hey gang. I often get questions popping into my head that are related to pavilion plugins, but I don’t know where to put them to look for answers. They are not bug reports necessarily or a feature request. I just want to know how to use a plugin properly.

For example: I would like to change how time and day are presented on events topics, and in how time zones for events can be configured while editing event topics. I know I can do this but don’t know how, and think it would be pretty cool to share the knowledge with others who likely will have the same questions in the future.

Meanwhile the plugin topics on meta are crazy big and I know the answer might be in there somewhere but probably not directly. It will take digging, experimentation and then following up in the topic to share what I learned.

Ideally we’d have a support category here, and be able to tag the plugin as with other open source category topics. We’d have to garden it actively and bump people across to meta when necessary. I’d be happy to help with that.

Or is this the intention behind the #open-source:knowledge category?


One advantage of that would be we start to maintain accounts of all the people who use our plugins.

An interesting proposal indeed!