Scoreboard based off the Discourse Badge system

Hi all :smiley:
I havn’t been here long, I run a small Car forum ( ) obviously using Discourse.

I stumbled across you guys when looking for something to help us with our event organisation and installed your events, and subsequently the location plugins.- I think they are awesome so far and hope to use them extensively for our upcoming events, shows, meets etc.

I saw this thread where @angus was asking for project ideas and thought I’d mention something our community has been a bit desperate for for a while, I was thinking that other communities could make use of something similar.

Building on the gamefication of discourse and the standard inbuilt badges we went and created a bunch of extra ones … ( Combustionpunks badges ) . and a load of stickers to go with them, the idea was to reward real-world community behaviour with recognition on the forum along with stickers to go on the cars… I then wanted to build on this by running a scoreboard… eg assign each badge a points value, when you earn it you get points. People form into teams and the teams compete for points and the forum goes from strength to strength… there were a few extra things too, like +10% modifyer if someone was a Team (group) captain. Badges that once earnt scored every month afterwards

It was going quite well too - we had an independantly built scoreboard based off wordpress that imported the badges and assigned points and told us who was awesome :slight_smile:
until it broke :laughing:

Anyway… that was my (very) long winded way of suggesting a project of:-

Scoreboard for individuals and groups linked to the badge system, showing results for the month and year so far


Hey @Yetidragon, welcome!

Thanks for laying out your idea. I love the custom badge images you’ve made. This sounds like a good project for a new member of Pavilion to work on, with the caveat that we would need to flesh out the specification first, and maybe posting it on to try and build something others think they’ll use.

Are you interested in Joining Pavilion and taking this on under the mentorship of an existing member? Something I didn’t make clear in Propose a new project! is that we’re primarily interested in new projects ideas from folks looking to join Pavilion (apologies also to @sfoster for not making the primary purpose of this category clear). I’ve tweaked the wording in that post to reflect that.

We’re also interested in new projects from folks not looking to join, however the issue always is finding the manpower to build it and maintain it. I’m currently looking for maintainers for some of our existing plugins, as you can see by some of the other projects in #open-source:projects.

One of the key goals of Pavilion is to sustainably support open source work by closely tying it to a mentoring system (membership levels) and a profitable business (the paid client work we do), all of which are symbiotic with each other.


Hi @Yetidragon

Welcome, and great idea! I reckon I can think of other communities that would use that plugin - I think it’s the ‘Teams’ aspect that the really interesting one for them.

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Hi both for the warm welcome :smiley:

I am not entirely sure what this would entail, I only found your community last night while trying to improve things on the 'Punks forum so I have not had chance to delve very deep. My coding experience is, for all intents and purposes, nil (for my first year in Uni there was a single coding project… in Pascal… and that was back in '95) If I can be of any help in any way then I would be, and I am eager to learn new stuff, but I wouldn’t want to be a burden.

I know that feeling well, I have had similar issues with projects for the 'Punks forum, both this scoreboard idea, and help with the wordpress side of things. this is another reason I would not want to be a draw on any resources you have.

Thanks matey :smiley: we were limited in the design options open to us as we only have a vinyl cutter, and we keep the physical size of the sticker linked to it to 50mm diameter and the design has to be fairly simple for teh weeding part of the process, but we are fairly happy with them so far… I do need to go back through and do some redesigns in the next couple of months as we are having a little bit of a rebrand for 2020.

thanks matey :smiley:

The addition of teams to the mix really did see an increase in activity, both on the forum and in the real world. Using team / group badges in the avatar flairs seemed to be well received too. I also created each team their own category for inner team chatting , but depending on where the members were geaographically located either a lot of their comes internally is via word of mouth, or quick chats happen in whatsapp / facebook messenger. the sketchyness of push notifications seems to be a bit of a limit to growth / interaction.

giving team captains a x10% multiplier also seemed to keep competition up in the teams themselves some what with an added spice of if a captain was slacking members could mutiny and place someone else in charge who was being more active. I came across @angus Elections Plugin which may help with some of this too :smiley:


Cool :slightly_smiling_face:

Have a quick read over what being a member here means: How to join Pavilion. Let me know if that’s something you’re interested in.

Also, take a bit of time getting in to the community over at and the community over there. Lots of nice folks, who can help out with a range of issues. On the best way to interact with the community there see this thread:

This discussion has made me realise we don’t have a place for non-members to propose new open source ideas. I’ve created a new #open-source:ideas. We can continue to noodle on this for now while we figure out the “place” to pursue / execute on it.

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Must admit that I am very interested to learn more about coding, but at the moment I feel I would be a drain on resources rather than a beneficial member of the community… I’m currently going through some ruby tutorials to see if I can learn anything and be useful to the community :smiley:


No worries. I wrote a little primer on getting started with Discourse coding some folks have found useful: