RSVP username change bug


Discourse Version: 2.4.0.beta4

Plugin Commit: adc9d6a2d4639ceadbad72cbba8e3b6891ef5382

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Steps to Reproduce

  1. RSVP for an event
  2. Change your username
  3. Open list of users “Going” to an event
  4. An exception will be thrown

Angus’ note:

@fzngagan the issue here is that we’re relying on the user’s username to identify them. We need to only rely on the user id.


  1. I RSVP’d for the linked event with user angus45
  2. I changed the username of angus45 to angus46
  3. If you open the “Going” list now an error will be thrown


Error: Not Found
Line: 9
Column: 9188
Window Location: Events Example Topic


@angus, I’m working on this and almost there. I think it’ll be ready by tomorrow.

Here’s the PR for this.

Ok, @angus I’ve fixed the issue you mentioned in the review of this PR.

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@fzngagan Reviewed :+1: A few more changes before we’re ready.

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@angus, thanks. I’ll get back once those issue are fixed.

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@angus ,
Ran into some issues related to saving ids as a json array…will fix in the morning…

Ok, the fixes are done… Please do have a look…

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Related issues

Note for self: Both of these issues are caused due to multiple simultaneous requests to the server which will be fixed by this PR.

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@angus I’m facing an issue related to user-selector component used on add-event modal. It returns usernames instead of user ids. So what would be the easiest way to get user_ids there.

I’ve described the issue in more detail on github

@fzngagan hm do we need the user_ids on the client? If we just pass the username down to the server we can easily lookup the user to get the id there before saving.

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makes sense…The selector also gurantees that the username is recent(correct) so yeah, this would work. Thanks

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Usernames were being used on two places on the client. I already changed one of the implementations to use user_id but the one in discussion(user-selector) needs a username. So, when I started sending username the rsvp going feature broke.

A simple way to rectify this would be, to use the username on client aleways but save it as a userid on backend which solves the original problem also considering the fact that the client side is more friendly with username. I’m planning to look into it from monday onwards.

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How’s the final push on this one going?

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Going well…I’ll ping in a few hours.

I discovered a(probably long standing) bug with PostRevisor while working on this which took me some time to identify and fix.

I just tested on sandbox here. When I enable rsvp and add some users and save, then disable rsvp, it gives out a 500 error.

Ok got this done finally. Please do have a look.

I also fixed this one.

Moved the branch to the main repo(as discussed) and made a PR

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Nice :+1: The last step here is to add an rspec test. This is a good candidate for testing.

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Best wishes everyone :wink:
I’m playing around with a dev environment and i’ve tried the rsvp branch on a backup of a prod discourse with rsvp already in use (activated and empty ‘is going’ list to 31)

  • latest commit of discourse
  • i’m stuck with a migration error, i don’t understand what i’m missing:

== 20191016154136 RsvpMigration: migrating ====================================
RSVP for topic: 208 migrated successfully
RSVP for topic: 272 migrated successfully
RSVP for topic: 267 migrated successfully
RSVP for topic: 340 migrated successfully
RSVP for topic: 207 migrated successfully
rails aborted!

StandardError: An error has occurred, this and all later migrations canceled:
undefined method id' for nil:NilClass /home/benjamin/discourse/plugins/discourse-events/db/migrate/20191016154136_rsvp_migration.rb:12:in block (2 levels) in change’
/home/benjamin/discourse/plugins/discourse-events/db/migrate/20191016154136_rsvp_migration.rb:9:in each' /home/benjamin/discourse/plugins/discourse-events/db/migrate/20191016154136_rsvp_migration.rb:9:in block in change’
/home/benjamin/discourse/plugins/discourse-events/db/migrate/20191016154136_rsvp_migration.rb:4:in change' /home/benjamin/discourse/lib/freedom_patches/schema_migration_details.rb:9:in block in exec_migration’
/home/benjamin/discourse/lib/freedom_patches/schema_migration_details.rb:8:in exec_migration' /home/benjamin/discourse/lib/migration/safe_migrate.rb:29:in migrate’
/home/benjamin/discourse/lib/migration/safe_migrate.rb:52:in migrate' /home/benjamin/discourse/lib/tasks/db.rake:72:in block in ’

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Thanks for the early feedback. This helps a lot.

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I checked and the culprit is a topic where a user has changed its pseudo. :roll_eyes:
is there a way to find the last pseudo in some kind of log or maybe it easier to delete the changed pseudo from the rsvp list ?

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