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If I have a Wizard with a Route To Action, I must specify a ‘or set …’ after my conditional routes.

If I don’t, I get a flashing up in red.


It would make sense to me to have it route to Home by default if there is no destination specified. Or to allow the Wizard to continue to the next action (but this might cause other problems)


I agree this needs handling, and I’ll also take a look at this tomorrow, however you can do this explicitly.

This is how the welcome wizard on this site functions

Relevant docs:


Note is is a recent connector addition so you’ll need to be on the latest version

Yup, I did this too. Just a bit annoying is all.

Nice! I wonder how I can leverage that. Hmmm…

Also, this isn’t documented yet, but if you’re wondering, if a user has been explicitly invited to a topic that is stored in the wizard submissions under the key redirect_to, and the redirect to the topic will automatically work if there are no other redirects in the wizard. There are a few other scenarios in which the user may encounter the wizard in the middle of a redirect to another specific place. The same applies to these.

if there are other redirects in the wizard, you can still let the topic redirect take precedence like we do in the welcome wizard, by explicitly checking for the presence of redirect_to. This isn’t a wizard field per se (i.e. the user won’t see it in the wizard), but as the wizard field mapping process checks the submission data using the wizard field key in the wizard json, if you set the wizard field lookup as redirect_to this will work.

You can do this now as I’ve also allowed for the creation of custom items in the wizard field dropdown.

Screenshot at May 01 19-23-59

This is a super power user move, so I’m going to make it a bit more user friendly in the future, but it is doable.

It would create havok with my chained wizards too I bet! I think that I 1/2 understand.