Retort Plugin 😃

Retort is a plugin which allows you to add slack-style reactions to posts.

Pavilion is currently managing the Retort Plugin for James Kiesel, the plugin author.

Install it using the standard plugin installation instructions.

It’s stable, supported, and works with the latest Discourse. Check out the code, or view it live on the demo site (note that you’ll need to make an account to use the plugin)

If you have a bug or feature request, please post it here (and tag me, @gdpelican), and I’ll respond as quickly as I can.

Cool features

  • Category-specific retortions - if retort belongs in some parts of your forum but not others, you can specify categories for which the reaction button will not appear

  • Constraining the set of reactions - If you’re after a more facebook-like experience, where users can choose from only a select few reactions, you can specify any number of specific reactions available to choose from

  • Query your reaction data - It’s beyond the scope of this plugin to provide analytics about who’s reacting with what, but fortunately, when combined with the excellent data explorer plugin, you can run all sorts of queries to get insights on (or even grant badges to!) people using the feature. Check out some sample queries here.

  • Limit users to one reaction per post - By default, retort allows users to react with all available emojis. If you’re looking for Facebook functionality, or using it for an informal polling system (which, by the way, works great!), you can restrict users to one retort per post.

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