Restricted tags are not available in tag fields, and admin tag selectors

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@davidkingham @Jrgong I’ll fix this shortly

@davidkingham @Jrgong This is fixed

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@angus is this fix also gonna be applied on stable or only on tests-passed ?

Thanks Angus, I just upgraded and unfortunately this still does not work, here’s a little video showing how you can select any tag in the TLP component vs. in a wizard:

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I see. You’re talking about a different tag selector here. I updated the one used in tag fields. I’ve updated the one you’re talking about too (and updated the title to this report) :slight_smile:

I’ve rebased the last 5 commits in the plugin and updated the compatibility file so that both of these updates will be available in the stable version of the plugin.

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That did the trick, thank you Angus I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, opens up lots of possibilities!