Restrict Wordpress product categories for Discourse VIPs

I made a PR to the discourse-subscriptions which got merged today. If you update the plugin, the product descriptions will start supporting markdown so the can be formatted.

I saw the discussion at meta. The plugin is already updated to latest so the only thing left is to format it to @Kodie_Critzer’s preferences

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@fzngagan I am on the 55e6acc version of Discourse subscriptions and still can’t get the composer to open for description. I guess your commit only covers markdown support if I’m not mistaken?

Yes. It covers only markdown support.

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@fzngagan any update on the quote to be able to sell subscriptions on the wordpress site and create a user or update the subscription status for the user in discourse?

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I did mention you in another task topic. The quote is $250 as we’ve already got the code for that so just need to setup.

Let’s do it! Thank you. Im going to work on the /vip page on the locker room access site.

Do you know if I can tie a subscription to a specific membership? For example, we want to have a membership that would create an order on a monthly basis as long as the membership is active through woocommerce subscriptions.

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I will be purchasing the subscriptions add on in woocommerce but wanted to make sure the memberships and subscriptions can link together.

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There are membership plans. Those plans are linked to woocommerce products basically.

Got it that should be pretty easy to set up then. Ill get started on that tonight.

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How can we proceed with the additional work?

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I’ve sent you a PM regarding the current task.

I’ll send you another PM for the additional task.

It looks like the backfill was never passed to wordpress. We currently only have three memberships on wordpress.

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6 posts were split to a new topic: Allow User to purchase VIP from Wordpress Side also

Yeah, that’s something I need to fix.

The best way to bring in the backfill data is through a rake task. I’ll build the rake task and update the wp plugin to accept data from discourse.

Just wondering, this will be needed after we switch to using woocommerce subscriptions?

Yes that is correct.

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Hey @fzngagan Why are users still getting access to the membership VIP-Products if I deleted it?