Quoting a post caused the comment to be published as regular post in "root" timeline


Discourse Version: 2.7.4

Plugin Commit: latest-version

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Highlight text from first post/entry in the topic (doesn’t happen when quoting subsequent entries)
  2. Click quote button
  3. Composer opens to create “New Entry” instead of “New comment”



Request admin from @jrgong if you don’t have access.


Not necessary in this case. Not necessary in this case. Not necessary in this case

Here is quick video me reproducing the bug:

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@Jrgong Can you reproduce this on the latest version of the plugin? E.g. on try.thepavilion.io?

Here is recording:

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@Jrgong This should also be fixed now too. Please give it another whirl in a few.

Hey angus

After this fix, the “New Entry” button opens composer with “New comment”. See recording here:

Also, I cannot even switch from comment to entry

Same issue on try:

PS: Can you also increase the version number with each fix deployed?
Since I don’t have console access, I don’t see which commit number I am on (Unless there is a way from admin to see that?). If version number stays same, I might accidentally report bugs have have been fixed already.

I’ve pushed a few updates, and bumped the version. Let me know how you go

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Heys there

it’s fixed now on try.

But noticed another small bug: when highlighting a whole paragraph in comments my triple clicking it, the quote button doesn’t appear:

It seems to affect only the last parapraph in the comment:

hm, I’ve watched both videos, but I’m a bit unsure what the exact issue is, and I’m also pretty sure that’s unconnected with the journal plugin. I’ve tried to recreate it on try.thepavilion.io (by triple clicking on the last paragraph of comments or entries), but can’t. The quote button appears consistently.

I’ve marked this to auto-close in a few days.

Hey angus

I managed to reproduce it on try:

Here is recording:

Ok. I’m still a bit unclear on how to reproduce it. What clicks are you performing? It’s hard to tell from the recording. This is me triple-clicking on the same content

Can you reproduce it in non-journal topics, or on instances without the journal plugin? We need to narrow this down a bit more. It’s currently a bit nebulous.

If you can reproduce it consistently on journal topics and not on other topics could you file a new report with a specific step by step repro guide?

Sorry to be pedentic but I need to focus my energies here. I’m closing this one.

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