Question Answer Plugin πŸ€”

Question Answer plugin that allows you to create topics in a similar QA style used by Stack Overflow.

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Of note :memo:

  • Up-votes, but no down-votes (yet)

  • The first post of the topic cannot be voted on (yet). Adding this would raise some overlap with Discourse Feature Voting.

  • Subsequent posts can be up-voted. One vote per user per topic.

  • Posts are arranged, first by the number of votes they have received, then by the date they were posted.

  • Here’s where this plugin fits into the array of similar plugins and features available in Discourse:

    • β€œLike” button. There is already a way of expressing support for a post in Discourse in the form of the like button. The main difference between that button and this plugin is that this plugin re-arranges the posts in the topic based on those that have been supported. This plugin may also add the ability to β€˜down vote’ posts.

    • Solved Plugin. The Solved Plugin is an official Discourse plugin. It also allows you to create QA style topics, but of a different style. The Solved Plugin allows the original poster (or a staff member) to select a solution to the question in the first post. In contrast, this plugin allows each user of the forum a vote on what they think is the best answer.

    • Feature Voting Plugin. This plugin allows you to vote on topics themselves, as opposed to specific posts. There is a great discussion of the thinking behind this in the plugin topic and associated spec.


Very useful for my purpose, thanks.

Would be even more useful if in addition to Question & Answer, other options could be Opinion & Vouch/Critique. Maybe selectable via a dropbox box?