Propose a new project!

If you’re interested in joining Pavilion and want to work on a project that’s not listed here, create a new topic for it and @mention a senior member. We’re always interested in new ideas :slight_smile:


Hey @angus ,
A while back, when I was yet to join Pavilion, I had started to build a plugin called discourse-dictionary. Its on a very primary stage currently.

The spec I had in mind is, If you wrap a word in composer with [dict]word[/dict], its meaning would be fetched by some dictionary api and when you hover on the word, you would see its meaning in the post. I used Oxford api for this but I haven’t worked on Ember side yet.

I’m sharing this because, if we think its a good enough idea, we could put some engineering effort to it in the future and add another plugin to our rich list of plugins.


@fzngagan I think that’s a great idea for a plugin. The next step here is to do an initial spec of it in this category and tag it dev-needed. If you have time you can assign yourself. That way others can help to contribute to the spec, and even potentially take up development if you don’t have the time.

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