privacy restrictions via tags


privacy restrictions via tags


restrict visibility of content according to tags.

for example, tag a post with “friends” so only my friends can see it.

“mutual” so only “friends” and friends who my friends and i have in common can see it
“friendsoffriends” so only “friends” and “mutual” and friends of my friends can see it
“followers” so only “friends” and “mutual” and “friendsoffriends” and my followers can see it

if any of these tags are used, then the post is no longer publicly visible. everyone can see public posts.

perhaps buttons (or similar) could be used to insert these tags, prominently displayed beside the reply button or somewhere highly visible.

Use Case

social media-like privacy control to strengthen similarities between Discourse and social media. would complement very well with Pavilion’s Layouts Plugin & TLP (TC) + sidebar(s) or the Fakebook theme.


If implemented this would not presumably be tag based it would merely hide your profile and topics from people who are not following you. We’d have to introduce a follow acceptance too.

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