precise location detected by browser/device


Socializing locations with precise location detected by browser/device


Topic (and replies?) location can be pinned on map only by geolocation detection from browser/device.

If a user is within a set radius of a topic’s location while replying to it then he can “check in” to the topic’s location and his reply will visualize that he checked in with a special icon. For every topic a user checks in to, his “check ins” increases by one. Total check ins could be displayed under Portfolio in the user activity:

Screen Shot 2021-04-15 at 6.00.42 PM

Use Case

Socializing map locations for businesses and bloggers.


I’ve updated my request to elaborate a bit further. Does this seem doable?

I think this piece of work will need to be funded as a special project.

I can’t be sure of the estimate for now but I’d say potentially $1500 to get this implemented pending a detailed spec. Can do a more detailed estimate if someone is interested in funding this and can provide a detailed functional spec. The simpler, the lower the estimate (obviously)

The one caveat is that we’d have to deliver something of generic value to the community. This can’t be something too specialised to one site as obviously Locations is used on dozens of websites.

Therefore splitting ‘capturing a user’s precise location using browser’ as a standalone requirement might be a good idea. Someone else was interested in that functionality. Co-funding might be a possibility if you can coordinate with them.

We’d also have to make it optional per user I suspect to respect people’s personal privacy preference.

PR welcome assuming this met that criteria.