Pavilion's Landing Page

Pavilion's Landing Page

Discussion/update topic for’s landing page.

Plugin: GitHub - paviliondev/discourse-pavilion
Theme component: GitHub - paviliondev/pavilion-theme


Initial Thoughts:

  • Should use header links better. Will think about.

  • Unclear to who “Looking to join our cooperative” is directed towards. Many people may not know what a cooperative is - should be made clearer is directed towards potential freelancers.

  • The images are cute but feel a bit random.

  • Clicking on “using one of our open source plugins” should probably lead to a directory of our plugins vs. the entire open source category.

  • No longer an easy way to navigate to categories + latest view with. Perhaps should be a way to get there via a “Join our Community” type prompt. Will think about placement.

  • I like the “Topic preview” part of the page (would work pretty well with content samples!). Might be worth looking into how formatting (especially bullet points, new lines) can be maintained since reading the blocks as is may be a bit much.

  • I think one of the blocks should be one that highlights our family of services and our rates.

  • I’d have more prominent “Hire us!” or similar buttons as a call to action. Will think about where to place.

  • Pressing “Pavilion” icon in header doesn’t bring you back to the top of the screen.


Pretty slick! Off topic, but am I right that I could fork the plugin and theme component to create my own landing page for my discourse? This would be a valuable thing for many communities to be able to do, methinks, since it means you don’t need another site at all.

FWIW, I like the landing page and I actually really like the images. Cute but original and serve a purpose. As I wrote elsewhere just now not knowing where to give the feedback, I am missing a direct link to a list of open source plugins, and from there ways to learn about them and engage with pavilion about them.

Also, tried to change to the dark theme and the “request a feature” and “report a bug” links looked weird. Also on the landing page some of the content and nav features seem to be white images which look pretty terrible on the dark theme.

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Mmm good point. Think we should just remove dark theme as an option. Making sure stuff looks nice on both doesn’t seem worth it.

EDIT: Removed it.

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r.e. Is there a list of custom plugins managed through pavilion? we should have a topic that keeps a directory of all the opensource work that we maintain. (and perhaps a list of ones we used to maintain that are inactive for records sake?)

Will start a new topic for this and edit link here.

Directory Topic: Opensource Directory
In Members category atm, will move to better place once it’s propagated.


I temporarily added a “Community” button in the header that goes directly to the Category view.


@angus let’s update the site to get the snazzy new profile menus? They’re really nice.

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+1 on this one! :rocket:

Also, I had a thought today - I like the landing page, but once I log in I don’t want/need to see it, and I’m missing quicker access to the latest topics. Could you instead display latest to logged in users?

I think you can change this via with the Default Home Page setting.

The top banner on the landing page becomes feeds for various users depending on group (client categories for clients, assigned work for members). @angus and I have talked about doing more with this - maybe we should think about something for general community members too.


sweet! I was able to change it. Lovely feature tucked away there. :rocket:

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Should perhaps have a globally pinned introduction topic and/or small banner above latest for people who land on the site on mobile.

@angus I added a data explorer query for mobile vs. desktop use (not totally relevant to this since only initial use matters here probably). Not so much relevant to client work but there are probably things we want to keep track of once we have additional services fully underway.


From another topic:

Improve Header Navigation by adding a dropdown menu system

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Where did the original topic for this go? I can’t find it.

I deleted it I think. Let’s keep product-level website discussion in this topic, then create #open-source:tasks as needed for specifical implementation pieces.