Pavilion Full-service Discourse Hosting

Pavilion are pleased to offer a full-service, bespoke hosting service for Discourse forums, focusing on customers with specific needs:

Why should I choose Pavilion hosting?

  • Complex or bespoke needs - If your organization’s requirements are complex or sensitive and are not a good fit for existing hosting options offered by others in our Discourse community such as,, or

  • Data control and sovereignty - If you require hosting in a specific cloud services provider, or in a particular territory/country.

  • Let us do the technical stuff - perhaps you don’t have a technical team who can provide Discourse hosting for you in-house.

  • Focus on your community - maybe you just want to be able to focus 100% on running the community and being involved in the discussions, and you don’t want to have to deal with technical or setup related issues.

  • Pavilion don’t believe in ‘vendor/platform lock-in’ - your data is at all times yours , and if you should ever choose (sadly!) to move away from our hosting service we would be of course disappointed, but would provide you every assistance in exporting your site data in a form in which you could import it right into another Discourse. Compare this with platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams - where ‘lock-in’ is part of their business model! We are honest and upfront about the cost and you own your data.

Pavilion Discourse Hosting - worry-free bespoke initial setup

  • Creation and configuration of a virtual private server*
  • Server security - robust fire-walling and hardening of the server operating system.
  • Installation of Discourse and all dependencies
  • Domain name - connection of your Discourse instance to your domain name of choice, we can optionally also advise on the choice of domain name and procure the domain form you (may incur additional cost)
  • Installation of any standard Discourse plugins - in addition to experience and advice about the best plugins for your intended Discourse community.
  • Email sending configuration with an SMTP service* - optimized for high deliverability using email validation through SPF, DKIM, and DMARC, reputable service providers, and spam prevention.
  • Free HTTPS(SSL) setup, giving you a secure, reputable site, with auto-renewing certificates for complete peace of mind.
  • Branding and Styling of Discourse according to your preferred brand, colors and logos. Custom navigation items, addition of themes and theme-components, and custom HTML and CSS are all included.
  • Setup of ‘reply-by-email’ - allows users to reply to forum notifications from the comfort of their familiar email client, and their replies are seamlessly integrated into the forum topic.
  • Dual-level automated backups - ‘belt-and-braces’ resilience provided by backups at the level of the server disk image, and Discourse backups stored on a secure external repository such as AWS S3.
  • Configuration of Groups, Categories, and Tags according to your initial requirements - recognizing that there’s also no need to get all of this perfect straight away, and community managers often learn a lot in the first few months which helps them to
  • Site Settings - Discourse has an almost bewildering array of flexibility in the way it can be configured - we provide assistance with choosing the right initial Site Settings for your type of community.
  • Discourse Walkthrough - a live video-call tour of your new Discourse with yourself and your team to ensure you’re happy with using Discourse, and the main staff-side tools it provides.
  • Onboarding - Guidance throughout launch of the site, and help with any initial bulk on-boarding of users if you need this.
  • Pavilion’s Other Services - using Pavilion ensures seamless working with Pavilion team members - Pavilion Plugin Development, Pavilion Customisations, Pavilion Managed Updates, and Pavilion Managed Content

*items marked with an asterisk are those which by default we would supply, but you can choose to supply us if you prefer. It’s simply a matter of your preference and available skills within your team. Different customers have different requirements in this regard, especially around location of data and access to infrastructure.

For many of our customers, following our initial setup they will want Pavilion to continue hosting the Discourse, although this is optional and we allow you to choose if you want ongoing services from us.

Pavilion Discourse Hosting - worry-free bespoke maintenance service

  • Discourse updates - applied to you instance in a timely fashion, and with the absolute minimum downtime. (Zero-downtime and managed updates are available, contact us for a quote)
  • Server operating system updates.
  • Ongoing changes - we help you with updates and tweaks to your initial configuration, and provide assistance to your community managers in learning the ropes of how to make changes themselves.
  • Remote support - for your main Discourse community managers, so they have someone they can escalate an issue to if they are stuck.
  • Community Management and Development guidance - benefit from our many years of experience founding, growing and enjoying vibrant Discourse communities across all walks of life.
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