New Plugin spec: Discourse Dictionary

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Continuing the discussion from Propose a new project!:

Here is a very primary stage code I had put together which should act as a motivation for working on this further.

Here is an initial spec for the plugin.

  • Wrap a word in composer with [dict]word[/dict]. The meanings of the word will be fetched via a dictionary API (oxford or other) and the user will be asked to select one of the meanings which suits the context of the word in the post preview.

  • The user will select a meaning and when the post is created, hovering on the word will show a small speech bubble with the word’s meaning that the user chose.

  • The plugin will store the meaning of the word which will act as a cache to reduce the number of api calls over time.

  • This is not the final spec. It will go through multiple revisions to finalize what the spec will look like.

What I suggest here is, as this is a fresh plugin, we should start writing tests and think about versioning from the get-go.