Moving steps breaks the ability to use the wizard field


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When I have a Wizard with an existing step_1 with a field, add a step_2, and then move step_2 so it is placed before step_1:

I can no longer reference the field from step_1

This will cause a massive issue when that wizard needs further development.


I’ve made that Wizard so it is at the point just before the error occurs.

You’ll see the problem if you drag the steps and then save the Wizard.


Actually, this isn’t a bug - if the step is selected, then the field belonging to that step becomes accesible.

But it isn’t intuitive and I’d encourage you to change this behaviour - it would be better in my mind if you could select from the entire suite of Wizard fields that exist, just as you do for the User fields.

PS it would also be very nice (although not vital) to be able to move fields between steps. How hard would that be? Not sure the best way to do the UI though!

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I understand what you’re saying, however wouldn’t this approach be more confusing? How would you know what fields belong to what steps?

No - it would be clearer from my perspective.

They are nicely labelled already with the Name and the (step # & field #) in brackets: