mobile layouts menu setting has empty dropdown


Discourse Version: 2.7.0.beta4

Plugin Commit: 0.2

Other Plugins
discourse-bcc 0.1
discourse-calendar 0.2
discourse-events 0.1
discourse-home-page 1.0.4
discourse-layouts 0.2
discpage 1.0.46
docker_manager 0.1
styleguide 0.2

Steps to Reproduce

The sidebars are working as expected but when the mobile layouts menu should take effect either by the “layouts sidebar responsive threshold” which I have set to 1250 or the device being mobile no mobile menu is shown.

The setting for “Enable mobile layouts” is selected but the dropdown menu associated with “layouts mobile menu” has no options or ability to input any instructions.

I can see in developer console that this drop down menu does trigger aria expanded yet there are no items to select. There’s also no way I can see to add custom options.

I can easily transform: translateX(0px) the in the developer console but because of ember.js I can’t just add an event listener without making a plugin. I also tried using css combination selector ~ to trigger the transformation with pure css but the sidebar comes early in the DOM.

I’ve removed these test adaptations and currently is implementing the discourse layout plugin in a mostly default manner.


I can’t exactly remember but maybe there was a set up wizard after first installing this plug-in? Is it possible I don’t have the mobile layout enabled at an installation level?


No log input I can think of to share here. I attached a screen shot of my settings page in the bug description.

Hi @T.C_MacNevin, you have to type your own inputs into layouts mobile menu, one for each item you want on the mobile menu. Such as:


for a responsive left sidebar toggle.

Are you getting the option to type in an input when you click on the setting?

Of course! Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll update you when I get it working but I realized from the screenshot you shared that I hastily set display:none; to search bars in dropdown menus. I removed that css and Voila. :sweat_smile:

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Great! it’s working. The icons/full set of links aren’t designed yet but the left sidebar is functioning in mobile layout. Thank you!


I’m setting an auto-close timer for this topic for 2 days. Do get back if you face any further issues.

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