Mentionable plugin, few suggestions


Mentionable plugin, few suggestions


Hey guys

1. After starting the import, there is no indicator of progress of the job.

At least some spinning wheel or similar would help the user to understand that the job is running.

2. When a gid in a sheet is not found, there should be an error message

Instead the log just shows “0 items imported”

3. For destroy_all status message “Mentionables Deleted” I would rather use “Items deleted”

In its current state it reads as if the (mentionables) plugin was deleted. I know it sounds weird in terms of perception, but a more clear messaging would be helpful there.

4. option to disable images in plugin settings

We haven’t uploaded all images yet, so some of our images just end up as 404. currently the images are only used in the autocomplete preview and not in the rendered html in posts.

it would be great to have the option to disable the rendering of images in the autocomplete ist all-together. It might be a more interesting option once there is a user-card equivalent implemented.

that way a user can also make compromise if he decides to go for larger data set and not use images.

Use Case

the suggestions make the UX better for managing the items



Hey @Jrgong,

Please break up requests into discrete topics if possible. Laundry lists are always a bit harder to approach and tend to take longer to action. Focus and prioritisation is key in getting stuff actioned here.

There is a message telling you the import is running, so it’s not unclear what’s going on. This could be improved, but I don’t think it’s a priority.

I agree with this one. I’ll see if I can slot it in. Could you make a seperate topic for it please? It’ll make it much easier for me to keep track of it.

Agreed. Same as above.

Sure that makes sense, same as above.