Memberpress + Discourse Integration: SSO Provider WP

Hey there,

We have a requirement to implement an integration between Memberpress and Discourse whereby if a users membership is active in Memberpress, they should be able to access the Discourse content.

If a users membership is cancelled and expires, the users Discourse access should be revoked so that they can no longer access Discourse content.

There is some existing documentation here regarding this implementation: Managing Discourse group membership with WP Discourse SSO - tips & tricks - Discourse Meta

We are running on a tight timescale for implementation with early next week being our target deadline (Monday 14th or Tuesday 15th).

Many thanks

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How’s the sso setup on your site? Or is there any sso setup at all?

Hey @fzngagan - SSO is configured with Wordpress being the provider.

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I’ve sent a PM regarding the task.

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Big thanks to @fzngagan who quickly picked up this task! The outcome was a robust and efficient integration despite us facing some initial hurdles.

Really easy to communicate with too. Thanks!

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