March 20 Meetup

March 20 Meetup

@members Hey guys. I think it’d be good if we connect this Friday for an informal chat if you’re up for it. Would be good to catch up and see how we’re all doing.

There’s a lot going on in the world at the moment. We’re well positioned to continue on with business as usual, but I’m sure everyone’s wondering how this is all going to play out.

Please RSVP if you can make it!

Wash those hands :open_hands: :droplet:


Sounds great, will be good to catch up.

I’m inundated with Discourse work at the moment (none of it paid, unfortunately) as I’m helping set up and in response to COVID-19, these are fora for clinicians to communicate and share best practice and knowledge around the clinical management of the condition as well as the extraordinary logistical and business practice changes that are happening.

Nobody’s going back to commuting after this…


@pacharanero Let me know if there’s anything you need Discourse-wise with setting up health-related fora. Happy to help.

See you Friday in any event.


As the world expert on Custom Wizards, you might be well placed to help the guy who is setting up - he is hoping to use a custom wizard to get users added to the right groups, and Watching and possibly also Muting the right Categories. I haven’t checked but figured this would be something CWP can do.


Sure, happy to help. Put me in touch with him :+1:

Should work

Doesn’t do it atm, but may be possible.

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@pacharanero if you want to set up a category/topic to talk about any outstanding tasks/things to help with in the health community discourse world I’m sure everyone here would chip in.


I will invite you to and Admin you so you can be in the Staff discussions

I’ve set up #members:covid-19

Should we advertise in Meta that we are up for helping? (caveated: where we can and subject to time/availability)

At the moment I’m focusing on getting Discourse fora up for the areas that contacted me.

I haven’t got a clear idea of any immediate use-cases for new plugins, but I have this niggling feeling that there will be a use-case that comes to mind - distributed information gathering from clinicians etc. If anyone thinks of something useful, suggest it in #members:covid-19

Yeah, I think that’s a good idea. It’d be good for you to post it (give your creds).

Something like, this is what I’m doing, if you want help with something covid-19 forum related, or you want to help out, go here.

@pacharanero I’ve updated #covid about to specify what kind of support we’re offering and what kind of folks we’re interested in supporting (hope you don’t mind me editing your post; feel free to edit again)

I’ve also highlighted the #covid category with the new category highlighter theme component I’ve just built for #clients:rzim.

I think it’d be great if we could run as much support as possible through that category (rather than email or chat), so that it becomes a resource and touchstone for others.

Yeah, we should add that into the “About” I think.

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Love the category highlighter!


@angus can we bring back the community button in addition to the covid button, finding hard to navigate without.

Did this.

@codiac @The_Amazing_Reviews Hey guys! Welcome. Just sending you a note since you rsvp’d.

We’re a workers cooperative for online communities. We work with communities ranging from fansites to enterprises and government departments.

If you have a question about online communities or what we do, the best way to ask that is by reaching out to

I should have made it clearer in the first post that this meetup is intended for the members of the coop to discuss our response to #coronavirus, so unfortunately we won’t be having non-members at this one.

We do plan to hold broader meetups in the future though!

Best wishes,


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