Map does not appear

Steps to Reproduce

The map link desapeared.

i was using location plugin on few catégories and i noticed that it kind of desapeared.

  • the button on the navigation bar is not next to “top recent publicité” it use to be :
    Logement - Français à Londres

  • users don t have the possibility to add a location anymore, it use to appear when there were choosing the category sortir/activité or other that the plugin is allocated to.

We are using the nav links component, could this be the conflict ?



Hey @jeremielondon, there was a recent change to Discourse that has caused an issue with a few plugins. I just pushed some changes. Can you update and check again? Thanks.

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Hi @angus, i did update, the map appears, but are blank, see below :

I also noticed that for agenda, people don’t have the access to the date calendar :

Thanks you for the support.

Are you on the latest version of the locations plugin? The map seems to be working for me again after the fixes, e.g.

The events plugin was affected by the same issue in core Discourse. The discussion on that is here:

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Yep @angus, it does work back, the only thing is that it deleted all the previous map points -> Au Pairs - Nannies - Babysitters - Français à Londres

Otherwise it is all good, i ll add the adresses back. Many thanks for the updates.

My map pins are missing as well, any way to get these back without redoing each topic? I’m on the latest for everything.

@davidkingham Ok, I’m taking another look at this today.

Just to be clear, your data is still there. The issue is with how Discourse “serializes” (i.e. sends) data from the server to the client. There seems to have a change to how that happens (maybe a bug?) in the latest version of Discourse.

cc @jeremielondon

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hi @angus, yes i understand, what shall i do in your opinion for the map to load properly ?

I’ve tried a few times to reproduce your specific issue on the latest version of the plugin code and latest Discourse and can’t. Can you send me a screenshots of:

  1. Your /admins/upgrade list, specifically showing “Discourse” and “discourse-locations”
  2. Your site settings filtered by “location”.

I apologize Angus, I actually had the plugin turned off in settings, I believe I was having issues with it at one point and never turned it back on! Seems to be working fine now.

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Hi @angus,
Please find below the different screen shots.
here is for the upgrade list ->

Below aree the map location settings :

welll, shame on me, it was because it turned off the “enable the location plugin” It is all back to normal now.

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@jeremielondon @davidkingham I’m glad it’s working again!

I don’t think it was your fault in either case. The locations_enabled setting was introduced only recently and it should have been set to default “true” for existing users. I should have realised that that was the issue here.

As users of this plugin, you should know that I’m on the lookout for someone to mentor with a view to taking over the maintenance of it so that it can have a more focused mind paying it closer attention. This is already the case with the Events Plugin, which is now co-maintained by @fzngagan, and Topic List Previews, which is maintained by @merefield.

If you know of anyone who wants to improve their software development skills, their open source credentials, and later get the opportunity to work on paid Discourse freelance jobs (we work with a range of organisations including Wikimedia, DigitalOcean, WeTransfer and many others), then send them my way.