Map alignment issues


Discourse Version: Latest. Tests passed

Plugin Commit: Also on latest

Other Plugins
Onebox assistant

Steps to Reproduce

No steps, I will include screen shots.



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Hi guys.

I’m experiencing some alignment issues with the map when clicking Show Map on a topic.


The map disappears off the left side of the screen in the above examples.

I think it’s due to it being aligned directly underneath the button and as the button moves depending on the length of the location name… :thinking:

Potential quick fix, can the map be aligned to the left side of the button and then open to the right side instead? :thinking:

Any initial thoughts you can share on this one guys?

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Have I reported this in the right place? Anyone?

Should I have logged it on the meta.discourse site instead?

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Hi Rich,

No, this is absolutely the right place. It was already assigned to me, but perhaps you can’t see that.

Unfortunately in middle of ‘making a living’ zone at the moment with an imminent deadline. I’ll take a look at this during this months support period (which starts today). We generally only guarantee critical fixes in the support period, but hopefully this one will get resolved.

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@Rich a very efficient fix is to make this left-align to the button, is that good enough?:


In any case I’ve pushed that as seemed better option:

Let me know if that improves things for the time being.

On mobile alignment is unchanged or it will go off right.

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Hi @merefield thanks for the update!

Sorry for the repeated questions here but I wasn’t sure if anyone had even seen the thread :blush:

I installed this commit and sure enough, desktop browsers seem fine:


But as you say, it’s still quite broken on mobile:

What’s the cause of this?

Why would your fix work for desktop but not mobile? :thinking:

It works on mobile, but I reverted it, because if the description is too long it disappears off right.

I can see we will have to do something more sophisticated here.

Ah, I see.

Could you just wrap long text to a new line? :man_shrugging:

I’m all for easy fixes :smiley:

we could try this, but I’ve not tested it fully:



It’s pushed to a branch if you want to try it:

- git clone -b bigger_topic_map

I might have upset other places where the map is used but you get the idea. (Update: fixed impacts to user map widget).

OK I’ve gone and merged the fixes, please confirm I can close this issue when you get chance @Rich

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Hi @merefield

Just installed this update and it seems to have cured the issues!



Not too worried about the line of text in the popup, we can work around that.

More importantly, is that the map is now visible, everywhere :clap:t2:


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Great! Thanks for confirmation. At some point we might be able to tweak the text. Only problem is: if we wrap it it may obscure the surroundings?