Managed Updates Service

Managed Updates Service

Running some custom plugins or themes on your Discourse? You need to manage your updates.

Will your custom Discourse break when you update?

Here’s the situation:

You have a few plugins and themes installed on your Discourse. You go and click the blue “Update” button and next thing you know your site crashes, and your users are unhappy.

If you’re using custom plugins and themes, it’s less a question of if this will happen, and more a question of when.

The most robustly built plugin can still break your Discourse.

You need to manage your updates

Managing updates is an important part of working with software, especially when you’ve customized something that is getting updated elsewhere.

When you update Discourse, some interaction between core Discourse code and your custom code that might previously have worked fine, may suddenly no longer work.

While you can’t avoid certain conflicts from occurring, you can prevent them from affecting your users. The idea behind managing updates is making sure that your public site is always working.

How do you manage your updates?

So how do you manage your updates? You can either do it yourself, or you can hire a professional to do it for you.

When you work with us you’ll:

  • Never need to stress about your live site breaking.
  • Know exactly what issues need to be fixed.
  • Be in control of how and when you want your updates to happen.

Pavilion’s Managed Updates Service

You can choose to be on a 1 month plan or a 2 month plan. We’ll run through the following cycle once every 1 or 2 months depending on which plan you’re on.

  1. We’ll test your site update on our controlled staging environment that will include all your customization and data. Testing includes:

    • Ensuring your site does not crash
    • Testing that your site’s custom features are still working as expected.
    • Testing that the core features of Discourse are still working as expected.
  2. If we catch any issues:

    • If the issue is minor, i.e. it takes 5-10 mins to fix, we’ll fix it as part of the service and the update still goes ahead.
    • If the issue is major we will cancel the update and specify to you what the issue is and how we can address it. Fixing major issues would be a separate job.
  3. Once there are no issues, we’ll remove all your site data from our staging environment and we’ll update your site. You can choose to be on hand live when we do this, or we can do it at a time that we prearrange with you.

Each cycle would cost $300 USD.

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