Make Whispers stand out more


I know they’re italicized, but given frequency of use do any of y’all wish they had a different background color or something like that? So it’s more immediately clear which posts AREN’T whispers.


Yeah, I know what you mean. The only thing I’d say is that, much as Staff Color and Original Wiki Green were useful, they did affect the ease of reading IMO


I agree. I think this is related to a post I wrote a while back. Dunno about you guys, but these kinds of ideas I think would be better to brainstorm on over on meta where more admins and devs will see them, and maybe pick up on them.

Unrelated: I also dislike how topics with whispers aren’t bumped to the top of latest for people who can see said whispers.

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+1 for this.

@Eli This should be a relatively simple theme component. Want to give it a shot? Could publish it on meta when completed.


Yeah I can make this.

I’m not sure how hard it is, but if not too hard, I think we should make a plugin so that whispers bump topics on topic lasts for (and only for) staff.


I added a color. Too subtle? Makes it too hard to read?

How about using a different background color?

What do you think will look good? I tried a few and liked this one but I tend to prefer subtle.


Subtle but does a good job at highlighting…what say

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hmm perhaps a bit too bright for my taste.
let’s see how the others feel!

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Can’t think of a color that would in the background…light blue maybe?

is the current one too light for you?

Yes, the stock is too light, moreover I don’t think changing text color makes sense, but that’s me…I think light blue background would work, and would go with the general blue used in discourse at other places especially in the light theme…

I think a color too far from white feels a bit too in your face.
Maybe we can try to make it a per user setting.

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That makes more sense. I think it should be at the same place as the theme settings.

I like @Eli’s grey background

although it looks like a blockquote

Sorry @fzngagan but the green is too lurid.

Love the idea of a per-user setting for this. It should maybe have a few ‘suggested defaults’ in a dropdown though, and should default to a greyish, which somehow invokes the ‘whispering’ better than a colour.

Only other idea I had was perhaps a complete colour inversion, so the background was a dark grey like #333333 and text would be white. But this might bring in all kinds of other problems like the colour of @mentions etc

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