Make interpolation optional for image upload


Make interpolation optional for image upload


referencing my question here:

Use Case

the idea is that users can upload any number of images and all of them can be inserted dynamically into a new topic action.



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Hey guys

digging out this one. Any chance this will make it into the wizard?

We’re a little unclear about what you’re trying to achieve here. Have you had a look at this?

Hey angus

My use case was mentioned here:

You said

Can you elaborate how you’re exactly doing this?

Hey @fzngagan

Currently we use the composer field for people to upload images for their submissions. Simply because we don’t know how many images wizard users want to upload. Some add only one. Other users upload 15 images. And we want to display all of them in the topic created from the wizard.

@fzngagan Tbh I don’t know how else to explain my use case.
In case you have any questions, can you please be more specific which ones of my explanations lack the details.

tl:dr our use case: when user uploads X images in upload field in a wizard, I want to add those X images to the post creation action with a single w{..} placeholder

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Have you tried using templating conditionals in the Post Builder for the Create Topic action to accomplish this?

So basically, you’d be using a series of conditionals that look like this

{%-if "w{step_1_field_1}" -%}
{%- endif -%}

Can you share a short video about how upload multiple images to an upload field?

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Oh I see, you’re actually talking about users uploading multiple images being uploaded in a single upload field. The image upload field doesn’t support multiple file uploads currently (i.e. you can’t do it). We’d need to add that as a feature first, before we considered doing this specific version of what you have in mind.

Currently you can achieve your goal doing what I’ve laid out above concerning template conditionals in the post builder. I appreciate that’s more long winded than having a single field with multiple uploads, however we simply haven’t implemented that yet. That feature request (which is a bit different from this one) would have to be worked on first.