Maintenance of the Voice Recording plugin

Hi Angus! If Voice recording plugin - plugin - Discourse Meta is orphaned, do you think it’s a project that pavilion might pick up? Maybe there’s interest in sponsorship.

I wrote to the author but he has not been responsive of late.

Some use cases that interest me:

  1. In the community I manage for my day job, one of our competitors is WhatsApp groups. WhatsApp provides a nifty voicemail ability that is very suitable for mobile and especially mobile in remote places. Our members are always on the go, in rural areas. Being able to leave short voicemail replies to tell stories or ask questions would be very interesting.

  2. On my personal site, I share photos with my family. I’d love to allow people to leave brief voice descriptions of the photos - it can be quicker than writing and is also very personal and potentially of emotional value. We also have regular video conference calls, and it would be really neat to share my screen and look at photos together, and record the conversation we have about them.

The plugin works reasonably well but has some fatal flaws.

  • it seems orphaned, no responses from author for many months
  • does not work properly on mobile
  • does not allow limiting length of recording
  • takes a while to save recording, but there is no progress indicator
  • the icon to start a recording does not show up properly on the menu (at least on my instance). I also think it might be better to move it to the options menu.

Update on this is that the plugin author has responded and is interested in returning to this project. He is also open to receiving PRs.


On the discourse forums I seem to remember someone mentioning a need to have a more real-time online report of users and they mentioned they were going to use WhatsApp.

Might be some utility for them with this.


@bobthebuilder Thanks for the interest! Not sure what you mean about “real-time online report of users” but I agree that a killer feature of whatsapp is voice recording. If we could support voice recording properly, esp on mobile where typing long replies is always going to be cumbersome, we’d go a long way towards competing with whatsapp.

Looks like the voice recording functionality could be provided via theme component, which would be interesting to look at. Would love to see someone here pick this up. Maybe we can start raising money to make it happen?

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The day has come. Finally working on this for a client. The thing is, the plugin doesn’t work on firefox and safari currently.

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