Maintenance of the Topic List Previews Plugin

Topic List Previews (TLP) allows you to:

  • Add images, excerpts, buttons and topic stats to topic list items; and

  • Change the layout and style of topic list items

  • Add ‘Featured’ topics above topic lists and topics.

This project is the maintenance of TLP.

@merefield Hey just a heads up that I just transfered TLP from to All the old links to will still work, but going forward when adding it to an app.yml file, use the new url.

See further: Transferring a repository - GitHub Help

All links to the previous repository location are automatically redirected to the new location. When you use git clone , git fetch , or git push on a transferred repository, these commands will redirect to the new repository location or URL.

@merefield, a small request.
Can you add a heading for tlp related settings in the category edit settings. It’ll help identify/differenciate them from the other settings…

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