Longer wizard appear mid-page in smaller windows


Discourse Version: Discourse Version: 2.7.0.beta3 ( f5b18e2a31 )

Plugin Commit: Plugin Commit: d339130

Other Plugins
discourse latest-release +132
babble ea961a4
discourse-akismet 52cdb86
discourse-assign 4e57104
discourse-auto-deactivate 5276db3
discourse-cakeday a1aabb2
discourse-canned-replies 48c5f1b
discourse-checklist 3f96f29
discourse-custom-wizard d339130
discourse-data-explorer 8ab94e3
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docker_manager 9feb5cb
retort 2707627

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a wizard with multiple fields in one step
  2. Make a browser window that’s smaller than the height of the that step in the wizard
  3. Notice that it loads mid-page instead of at the top.

I thought this might be a CSS thing but I also noticed the last textarea seems to be active, which may be why this is happening?


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You can use this wizard file, which has 4+ textarea fields in one step:


Just did a bit of testing, I’m pretty sure this is happening because the last text field loads as “active” (where the cursor is).